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This is the first photo we saw of Jenny:

a malnurished sad dog cringes in a stark room at the pound

A friend sent us her photo just in time: We were able to adopt her just before she was to be put down by the pound in another state.

Elderly and almost completely blind, Jenny came to us with a very aggressive form of cancer, heart valve disease, arthritis, a tear in her airways, and various other problems, but our oncologist, cardiologist, and other specialists worked their wonders and Jenny would trot happily through our home, often snuggling with her new friends, the other special needs cats and dogs who live with us as part of our family.

Enjoying herself on our deck:

a little black dog lounges happily on awooded outside deck in the sunlight

Sleeping with one of her new friends, Jason, a cat with cardiomyopathy who'd been found by the side of the road, having been hit by a car, his spine fractured, half his tail torn off, and permanent cognitive damage:

Cuddling with Danny, a cat born with the calicivirus, chronic respiratory problems, and eye disorders requiring surgery:

A little black dog cuddles up with a little black cat.

She was with us only a year but she left us with wonderful memories that will last forever.

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