Ember, A Remarkable Cat

This is Ember

Ember is standing, her lead turned a little toward the left of the screen. She has green eyes, and her fur is full of shades of brown and black in tortoise patterns.The time from when we first heard about Ember until she passed away was only a few weeks. Old, deaf, declawed, and sick with a severe hyperthyroid problem, she'd been abandoned and had managed to survive, although she was under 5 pounds and her heart raced along at 180-200 beats each minute.

Ember is in her favorite place, a window seat looking out toward the trees
    and wildlife. (The deer would pass by that window, and once a deer came
      up close to the window while she was sitting there.) She is lying on a soft
    blue blanket, hugging a light purple towel It was so clear why those who rescued her--when she was soaking in a rain storm, just sitting in a puddle in the middle of the road--hoped she would not need to be put down. Walking with an uncertain wobble, she'd come right over to you and crawl into your arms and begin a loud and very interesting (perhaps in part because she is deaf) purr. She was so friendly and interested in everything.

Ember is standing, facing toward the screen. The camera's flash lights up her face and eyes. We adopted her to live with the family of special needs cats and dogs who live in our home, hoping she could be stabilized and her medical needs attended to. It had been a good year--we hadn't lost anyone since the tough year and a half from November 1999 to March 2001 when we lost Snow, Huckleberry, and June--and we were hopeful, particularly in light of her wonderful spirit. Unfortunately, she continued to lose weight and none of the interventions helped. We discovered that lymphoma had spread throughout her body and there was nothing we could do except make her as comfortable as possible until the end drew near, make sure she didn't suffer needlessly, and try to let her know how much she was loved. She died peacefully in our arms: March, 2002.

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.


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