Ken Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

Just six weeks ago Franklin trotted into our home, our family, and our hearts.  He'd had a pretty rough life, his health neglected, and now old and afflicted with heart problems, dental disease so bad all his teeth needed to come out, bladder and urethral stones, and fast-growing cancer.  A wonderful woman in another state let us know about Franklin and pulled him from a high-kill animal control center.  We instantly fell in love with his miraculous spirit of gentleness, warmth, and love. 

Here he is on his first day in his new home:

a little brown & white dog is lying down, looking at you

Franklin's gentle manner made him fast friends with the other special needs dogs and cats who live as a family in our home.  Several of the cats—particularly Jason—would groom him. Here he is sleeping next to Jason (a cat who'd been found half-dead after being hit by a car on the highway, his spine fractured, half his tail torn off, and with permanent cognitive impairment) and Zeno (who'd been almost killed in a vicious attack that took out one of this little dog's eyes and left him blind in the other).

a little cat nap[s between 2 little dogs

Franklin was such a sweet dog.  Because of his medical problems, he had to go outside to relieve himself several times a night.  When he needed to go and I was asleep, he would never bark but would either place a paw on my shoulder or press himself against me gently until I was awake.  He was such a gift to us, brought us so much joy and love.  His time with us was much too short but we're so thankful he blessed us with his presence. 

He died in my arms, and we miss him more than I could ever put into words.

a small dog with lasrge eyes is looking at you

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.


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