Gryphon: Amazing Resilience & Joy

Ken Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

Here's Gryphon on one of the last days he was in intensive care, where he stayed over a month, close to death.  This abused kitten was found with severe burns, some down the the bone, over 50% of his body, and 4 teeth missing. He was septic from severe infections.

The hospital staff marvelled at his resilience.  He is now a very active, joyful, and loving kitten.

a little cat, its body covered in burns, is cradled gently in human arms

Here he is getting a head massage after we adopted him and brought him from the hospital to our home, where he joined the other special needs cats and dogs who live as part of our family:

a little cat is smiling as his head is rubbed

Gryphon snuggles up to his pal Zeno—a vicious attack took out one of this little dog's eyes and left him blind in the other:

a little cat hugs a sleeping dog

Gryphon doing his morning stretch in the kitchen:

a little cat, its back legs in bandages, does a stretch on the kitchen floor

Gryphon (sitting in his e-collar) spending window-time with a few of his new family members: (counter-clockwise) Boone, a white dog who was abused so severely he lost the use of one of his legs; Gideon, a brown & white dog found almost dead in the woods at 6 weeks, weighing less than 2 pounds & missing the end of his spine & his tail; Frankie, an orange cat who has survived for well over a decade with only 1 kidney that has 1/4th function; Aurora, a black-brown-orange-white cat who was found soaked in gasoline, her spine so damaged that her back legs were permanently paralyzed; and Reuben, found outside as a kitten just in time in the bitter December northeast cold—someone had shot him in the spine with a .22, leaving his back legs paralyzed:

a little cat, his head in an e-collar, is sharing the couch with other special-needs dogs and cats

Please follow this link to learn more about a family of special needs cats and dogs in our home.



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