A 6-week-old puppy in what was later described as "horrific condition" managed to stay alive in the New York state woods in late October. He weighed slightly less than 2 pounds.

a little brown & white puppy is sitting on a couch

Someone discovered him by accident and called Animal Control, who picked him up. The veterinarian recommended he be put down. The puppy had a heart mummer, seizures, abnormal blood values, was barely responsive, and seemed unlikely to survive. He was missing the end of his spine and his tail.

.a small brown & white puppy is sitting next to a larger white dog on a couch

The Animal Control officer asked the vet to hold off for one day so that a colleague could contact us. A year and a half ago the colleague had called us about adopting a dog seriously ill with a GME (granulomatous meningoencephalitis), an immune-mediated brain inflammation syndrome. (The photo above shows Gideon snuggling up to Sirius.)

The next morning we made the trip to New York and drove him back here, where he was hospitalized in intensive care to get him through the crisis.

He recovered to the point that he could leave the hospital and has been living in our home for the last 2 weeks.

Gideon -- he now has a name! -- made instant friends with the other special needs dogs and cats who live as a family in our home, particularly Maggie, a dog with spinal injuries who has proclaimed herself Gideon's mother; Sirius, who spends time playing very gently with Gideon under Maggie's watchful eye; and Louie, a cat with neurological problems, who loves snuggling with Gideon.

He has brought great joy to our home this Thanksgiving season.

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.


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