This is Harry, a shy and wonderful cat. He and his sister, Abby, were found in a dumpster

A cat is lying on a window sill, smiling at the camera.

when they were young kittens. Both had the feline leukemia virus. They came from the shelter to live in our therapy offices.

Harry loved to lie in that window, and watch the pond outside, where deer, ducks, geese, foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, possum, and all sorts of birds and other animals would come from the surrounding forest to spend time and drink the water.

Very shy and gentle, Harry would hide each time a new client came in and keep out of sight. But if the client spoke to him, after a few visits, Harry would crawl up into the client's lap and sit quietly during the session.

Harry loved playing with one of his favorite toys, and even more he loved playing with a special shoestring. But most of all, Harry loved to play with his sister Abby.

He'd sit for hours with his sister in the window overlooking the pond and forest.

And, of course, sometimes he'd just take a nap. And sometimes he'd just do something cute.

Like his sister, Harry developed lymphoma. (Cats with the feline leukemia virus often develop cancer.) He received excellent care from an oncologist, and the chemotherapy, the radiation therapy, and other attempts to help him brought him some wonderful extra time with a good quality of life. But in the end, the cancer overwhelmed his body, and he passed away in October, 2003. Fortunately, he was feeling good up until the last days, and even up until he passed away peacefully, he had a purr and a nuzzle for anyone who spoke to him, scritched his head, or rubbed his belly.

Goodbye, Harry.


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