Ken Pope

A white dog's face is looking right at you.

When a friend from out of state asked us to consider adopting the dog we came to call Sirius, his chances didn't seem good. He was in pain, he couldn't move his neck, he wouldn't eat, and his vet recommended putting him down. Here's a link to the photo that our friend sent us that we fell in love with. We rescheduled the rest of the day's appointments and jumped in the car to go get him.

An MRI and other tests revealed that he had a non-infectious immune-mediated brain inflammation syndrome (granulomatous meningoencephalitis), a progressive fatal disease. Though a neurologist put him on an experimental medication that almost immediately relieved all symptoms, the literature and consultation with experts led us to believe that his time with us might be very brief.

Going blind from an unrelated genetic disorder, Sirius lived a vigorous, joyful, and affectionate 3 years as part of the family of special-needs dogs and cats who live in our home. Here are a few photos of him with some of the others:

Sirius, on the left, spends time with Dharma, a dog with an atypical seizure disorder:

2 little dogs lying down with their heads together


Jacob, a cat whose back legs are paralyzed due to trauma, wakes up Sirius for play time:

A larger white dog is sitting side-by-side with a tiny brown & white puppy.


Sirius finds his new buddy likes to stick close to his side--the puppy is Gideon, who was found in the woods barely responsive at 6 weeks old with no tail and the back part of his spine missing:

A white dog and a little brown & white puppy sit close together on a sofa.


Sirius relaxes with Reuben, a cat found at less than one year old with a bullet that hit his spine and paralyzed his back legs:

A white and grey cat are lying side by side, and both are looking at you.


Farewell, Sirius -- You brought us such joy and will always live in our hearts:

A happy dog, mouth open,is looking at you.

Please follow this link to some of the other special needs dogs and cats who live as a family in our home



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