Ken Pope

The first-responders found Phoenix, barely alive, at Ground Zero in the ruble of the 9/11 attack. Pregnant, she had immediately lost her kittens.

a cat is looking at you while liking her paw

Phoenix survived but had asthma, eye and ear damage, and other problems from the explosion and aftermath. She was terrified and would attack anyone who came near. She came to join the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home soon and gradually grew less fearful (except of loud noises--thunderstorms always terrified her). She began to approach shyly to bump against your leg when she wanted to be petted. Then she rediscovered her purr. She could often be found hanging out with 3 of the other cats -- Jonah, a cat who lost a leg to abuse; Harmony, who has a rare muscle disease; and Reiver, a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia-- gazing out the window, snoozing in the sun on the floor, or happily lounging on the couch, as she is in the photo above. Phoenix died an hour after emergency surgery for a problem in her abdomen. She had a remarkable spirit and we are so thankful for the special years she was a part of our family.

Please follow this link to see Phoenix playing with her favorite toy.

Please follow this link to see Phoenix keeping an eye on Lucy.

Please follow this link to see Phoenix at the window.

Here's looking at you, Phoenix, a remarkable cat.

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