Ken Pope

No one could hug and snuggle with other cats, dogs, or humans longer or better than Danny, a little black cat who somehow survived pneumonia shortly after birth and had the calicivirus, eye problems requiring surgery, and chronic respiratory disease.

Here he is draped over Maggie, a dog with with cancer and whose back legs had been paralyzed, as they snooze together:

a little black cat is draped over a black dog

Cuddling with Wendy, a cat with the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (similar to the human AIDS virus) who'd been found living in terrible conditions in a house with over a hundred cats:

2 little cats cuddle together in a round cat bed

Grooming his pal, Timmy, a 2-legged cat:

a little black cat is grooming his pal, an orange and white cat

Taking a little sun with Timmy:

2 little cats are lying side-by-side enjoying the sun

Enjoying being groomed by his best friend, Lincoln, a cat with severe cardiac disease:

And showing love back to Lincoln:

a little black cat grooms his best friend, a gray & white cat

Hanging out at the window with (from left) Rain; a cat with no back feet; Harmony, a cat who has both hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and a rare muscle disorder—feline congenital myotonia; Haiku, an elderly deaf dog who'd been dumped at an inner city shelter because of his age; and (with just part of her making it into the picture) Pandora, a blind dog born with a hole in her heart (VSD) who was rescued from a puppy mill that was going to put her down because they thought of her as defective:

4 cats and a dog sit on the back of a couch, looking out the window

Danny brought warmth, joy, and love to us every day for 10 years. 

We sure miss him.


Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.


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