Winter always kept me company when I worked at the computer.

a cat is asleep on a computer monitor, her front legs stretched out as if she were flying

She and her daugher, Snow, who was blind and had beautiful opaque blue eyes, came to join the family of special needs cats and dogs who live in our home.

Two white cats, one rolling on her back, the other looking on, enjoy being on a bed

As soon as she came to our home, Winter began going to each cat each day to lick their heads and groom them. This started a trend: soon the other cats began grooming Winter and each other.

A white cat lovingly licks the head of a white & brown cat

Two years ago she was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. However with chemotherapy (which had no unpleasant side-effects) from an excellent oncologist, Winter enjoyed a rich quality of life -- active, affectionate, and purring up a storm -- right to the end.

The sun is shining on a white cat


Here's a link to the family of special needs dogs & cats who live in our home


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