Ken Pope

A friend told us just in time about the wonderful spirit of a blind and deaf elderly dog who was about to be put down in another state and asked us to consider adopting her. The dog had pneumonia, a heart murmur, and teeth so bad she couldn't eat.

We drove her straight from animal control to our local emergency vet clinic where the dog we named Lettie was hospitalized for a few days.

She has been a joy since we brought her home to our family of special needs dogs and cats.

Here she is making herself comfortable in her new home:

a little scruffy black dog is sitting on a couch looking at you

Here's Lettie taking a snooze with her new friend, Persephone, a cat with neurological disabilities:

a little block dog and a brown andblack cat are curled up together asleep

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.


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